We are excited to announce our
Ruby Red Leather Halfmoon Wristlet. 

The Ruby Red Wristlet is a walking example of modern art, design and quality, that is proudly made in Downtown, Los Angeles.
Our desire is to create art your walk with and this bag is no exception.  The red represents the strength, culture and innovation that art bring to the city of Los Angeles. "Red is full of life, and should be splashed everywhere"
- Cheryl Ross, Head of Design at Motif No.3

In this editorial titled "Women in Red" we had the wonderful privilege of working with Glennellen & Jazz Kalfayan, two great natural red heads. It was photographed in the Art District of Downtown, Los Angeles.
"We wanted the images to portray a feeling of "Muralistic" attributes, like a painting of strength and modernism displayed on the street walls." - Joel Bear, Brand Director of Motif No.3

The vision for this editorial was to show the strength, structure and vividness of our Ruby Red Wristlet alongside women who are strong, innovative, and thought leaders in their creative industries. Glennellen is an actress and musician know for her role in "Stranger Things" and performances with the Voice, and she brings a fiery passion with her every performance. Jazz is a marketing and creative assistant for Carley Jean Los Angeles which is at the forefront of the capsule wardrobe movement and ecomerence industry.  

This is a limited edition piece and will only be around for a short while.  
We hope you enjoy Art you walk with. 

- Motif No.3