The Highlighter Sling | Limited Edition Drop


Motif No.3 launches the limited edition Highlighter Sling, a fresh spin on the highlighter yellow that has been creating buzz since Mens Fashion Week. Embracing this edgy color, Motif No.3 takes it to the next level. Adapted from the silhouette of Motif’s No.3 signature Jazz Sling, The Highlighter Sling offers a new vision and voice to the collection.

This bag is the perfect balance of statement and design by using the juxtaposition of screaming color and architectural form. Influenced by 1960’s geometric brutalism, the graphics on this sling define where street and luxury meet. There’s finally a bag that doesn’t just shout because of color, but makes a statement with its design as well as function. This bag will spark conversations. 

The bag features: a unique graphic which doubles as a pocket; a comfortable and adjustable seatbelt strap; and is made of supple and luxurious full-grain leather. The Highlighter Sling is a statement with every outfit you wear. Each bag is designed and made in Downtown Los Angeles by expert craftsmen.


Lookbook One

Lookbook 2