The Jazz Collection Launch


The Jazz Collection:

This collection featured three of our newest products: The Jazz Sling, Jazz Satchel and Jazz Pouch. Each piece is made in Downtown Los Angeles and is comprised of the finest leather. 
The Jazz Collection is inspired by the Free Jazz Movement of the 1950's-1960's. The electric colors and modern geometric abstraction, pays homage to the innovation of one of the greatest eras of music. 
Each piece is to be a conversation, with its precision color choices, the jazz sling is the perfect addition to anyone looking to make an artistic statement. 

The Jazz leather sling is made from a variety of exquisite leathers and their diverse textures. Spacious, sleek, and a slim design, conforms to the perfect fit to encounter the day's movements, comfortably and easily.

D E T A I L S             
Exterior: Full Grain Calf Leather, Lambs Leather
Interior: Lambs Leather accents, Nubuck
Exterior Color: Ebony, White, Mustard, Orange, Royal Blue
Interior Color: Ebony,  Mustard
Bag Size: 11” x 8"  - Front Pocket: 6” x 7”
Black Nylon Strap 1.5” - Min. length 28” extends to 53” Max.
Weight: 15 oz.


S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E S
Front Double Pocket - Snap closure. Ideal for a smartphone, sunglasses, cards, keys… 
Black, Anodized Metal Side Released Buckle, Slide, and D Ring

Designed in Los Angeles. Made in Los Angeles. 
Using internationally sourced leather and suede. 


Jazz Sling


Features: Francias Kenneth and Madaline Riley