Art your walk with. Fall/Winter 17 - November 7, 2017


 Motif No.3 releases its newest collection that is inspired by mid 20th century artist and geometric abstraction. Motif No.3 is adding to their leather collection with the entrance Artist Satchel, Cross Body bag, Mini Cross Body and Half Moon wristlet to its leather line. With the addition to these line we have added two new colors to our three bar tote line Amber and Mustard ( See page # for images)  This collection was inspired by Modern Geometric Abstraction through the innovation works of artist like Josef Albers and Piet Mondrian. “We desire to create art you walk with, bags that feel that you walked out with a piece from the gallery” - Cheryl Ross Cofounder and Head Designer. Each piece is inspired and created for the rising creative class and the creative professional. Building upon the greats of the past this collection is a for the men and women who dares to shape the world creatively, to challenge the statue quo and wants to surround themselves with great art, both in their home and on their person. “ We see that the future is creative, the celebrities of the future with be creatives, we want to come alongside and support this rising generation, because we are that generation” - Joel Bear Cofounder/Brand Director

All of our bags are handmade with precision by our artisan craftsmen in the heart of Los Angeles.  “At Motif No.3 we are extremely passion about bringing manufacturing opportunities back to America, especially in urban areas beginning with Los Angeles.” - Stephen Ross founder and head of manufacturing.



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