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     Temi Coker is a photographer, graphic designer and an educator based out of Dallas, Texas and born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is widely known for his creative approach in photography, illustration and design. His goal is to help people tell and share their stories through different digital mediums.

     As a public school teacher, he has the opportunity to teach, train and encourage the next generation in the  power of creativity and how it can change their world. Temi has worked with brands both large and small like Pizza Hut, American Express, Bevel, Granacom, Estee Lauder, The Classroom as a content creator and creative director. His work has been featured by EssenceInstagramThrillistVscoBlavityTypical MagGood Morning America, and The Guardian

     His recent project is "A Poster a Day," in which he challenged himself in the innovation of daily illustrations.  
We fell in love with his double exposures of the people he's photographed. He has created a new innovative expression of art by combining his portraits with high design, color and textures. 


Poster 56:

My friend Joshua Kissi took this image and I was so amazed by the colors and contrast in the picture. I asked him if I could use it for my poster a day series and design with he. He agreed and I came up with this 2 hours later.


I was challenged by my friend Magdiel
to design a poster a day to enhance my graphic design skills.
 - Temi Coker


Poster 101:

Nina Simone is an amazing singer and someone I admire. I began listening to her during my designing process and from that experience I designed this picture of her for my series.  When I think of Nina Simone, I think of growth, freedom, life and I tried to convey those feeling in this image.. 


Poster 135:

 The whole idea behind this poster was to highlight the beauty and the appreciation of the African American skin. Society poor job of affirming African American beauty has been been a sturring subject as of late, thus my focus was to create a new appreciation for our skin through a different perspective.


Poster 172


Poster 155


Poster 175


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