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Alexis Atarian Reddy is a 27 year-old wife, mother to three, and LA based freelance fashion stylist. 

We at Motif No.3 have worked with Lexi on a number of projects and are always inspired by her vision and skill as a wardrobe stylist. Art has a variety of forms and its clearly seen in her work and vision of styling fashion. Lexi's insight and ability to create in various situations is always inspiring and exciting. We wanted to share her perspective as well as to pass along a few of her tips and thoughts on styling.



M: What are your passion projects?

A: So you know those crazy ideas you get in your head when you're in the shower or when you're supposed to be sleeping? Those are the ideas that lead to my passion projects. These projects have to be executed ASAP, because I can't sit on them comfortably too long! So that usually means I'm styling this concept and shooting it all on my own, and just for me! For a painter it would be a painting they just have to paint right then and there while the inspiration is fresh! For me it's an outfit concept that I had never thought of before and have to capture it.

M: What's next for you?

A: As a mother of 3 my main focus is bringing my children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord first and foremost. That being said I want to continue to take on occasional styling opportunities to challenge my practice and grow. I also thoroughly enjoy playing the background and helping friends clothing brands with styling advice, brand representation, etc. I'm also currently considering opening an Instagram shop with curated clothing pieces that also features my fashion styling in some way.

M: Where do you see style going?

A: This is a great question! The beautiful thing about style is that it is unique to each individual. Personally, I see my own style moving towards comfort, while still maintaining a strong style presence. People in general are becoming more intentional about their personal style, and that's due to the fact that they are starting to educate themselves about the concept of dress. I see style becoming more purposeful and thoughtful in the years to come.


Tip 1: Make sure most of the work happens before the shoot.

As a stylist you don't want to be wondering how you're going to be pulling looks together during the actual photoshoot. Make sure all your edits are done beforehand, that way you can really focus on all the little details.


Tip 2. Make sure all the looks can stand on their own, but also have a cohesiveness about them. 

For this shoot, I used jewelry with brass details in both looks and incorporated the same designer's shoes with both outfits.


Tip 3. Styling isn't just about the clothes.

You also have to consider accessories, makeup, body composition, and your surroundings.
Making sure that all of these elements come together in a way that accurately depicts your vision or the vision of your creative director.


Tip 4. Don't be afraid to try something funky!

I'm learning more and more that I really like styling pieces that have a bit of an edge to them. Take for instance this kimono wrap dress, I chose this piece to play on its Asian inspired design and then tailoring my entire look around that theme. Then I accented the outfit with a simple slide, natural jewelry and put my hair up to give it that
geisha feel.


Tip 5. Communicate with your photographer!

Their job is to capture the visual story that I'm looking to portray, thus I need to make sure to communicate the vision and ask if they have any suggestions that could make it even better. Collaboration always leaves you with a better end result! Team work makes the dream work.


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Photo: Joel Bear Studios
Production: Maggie Bear
Words: Cheryl Ross
Styling: Alexis Atarian Reddy.
Model: Alexis Atarian Reddy.
Location Designer:  Emilie Baltorinic

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