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Editors Notes: Its been our desire, as a team, to feature the hardworking people that make and breath life in to the creative industry. Chatting with Zac Macfarlane, on his perspective as a model and its inner workings, was a story we couldn't pass up. We photographed Zac in our beautiful Downtown, Los Angeles, as he was working here in the city between photoshoots.
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Motif No.3: Hello Zac, tell me a bit about who you are, where you are from? 

Zac: My Name is Zac Jevan Macfarlane, Everyone calls me Zac. I’m a Teenage Model From New Zealand, that’s the little island just over the pond from Australia. For the past year I have been traveling across the world partaking in fashion shows to the masses.

Motif No.3: Wow, thats incredible what has it been like working in the fashion industry? 

Zac: Working in the fashion industry for a few years I’ve had the chance to see it’s many faces. I’ve had some absolutely amazing times and other times where I just want to throw in the towel and walk away from it. It’s a tough business but the reward always outweighs the trouble, at the end of the day if you’re doing what you love it doesn’t matter what challenges you have had, it’s all a growing experience. 



"It’s a tough business but the reward always outweighs the trouble, at the end of the day if you’re doing what you love it doesn’t matter what challenges you have had, it’s all a growing experience"


Motif No.3: With that in mind what is it like being a model and what have been some pros and cons? 

Zac: Being a model and a public consumer of the goods I help promote, I have had the privilege of seeing both side of the industry. The fashion model industry is very cut throat, pressured and fast paced. A massive "pro" to me is the connections you can make, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of my fashion heroes and had a glimpse into how their beautiful minds tick. Plus, the fact I get to wear some absolutely fire stuff! For the "cons" well, I could just put it down to bad management. If everything ran as a well oiled machine the ship would run smoothly, but at times someone receives the cut or the back hand because of the bad communication. As the model we are normally the most replaceable subject on set, so we get misstreated as such.

Motif No.3: Its amazing how much the communication or management can make or break a great production. With that said what would you like to see change in this industry? 

Zac: I would like to see a more ethical approach taken on sets, but speaking as a whole I wouldn't change a single thing. Every job has it’s challenges and all can be overcome with time and patience.


Motif No.3: I love that attitude. What brands have you worked with that have had the biggest impact on you? How are they doing it right?

Zac: Acne Studios, Converse, Rebok, Doc Martins and smaller brands like Salasi Man. These have all held a high level of professionalism around them and maintained this throughout the day. Food was provided, breaks, good chats and respect was keep to a maximum to everyone.

Motif No.3: How do you see the modeling industry changing? 

Zac: The Modeling industry is always on the ups and change is inevitable, I can’t really say how I think its going to change because I’m more then certain whatever I say will be wrong but I am very excited to see the next turn. 

Motif No.3: With regards to "the next turn" how has the rise of ‘influencers’ impacted modeling? 

Zac: There is always a child influencer on their iPhone willing to do your job for half the price. For them they do it for a few kicks and giggles but after awhile it hurts the people that are actually modeling for a living. If someone is willing to do something for less then half the price you charge or even for free of course the brand will go with the cheaper option. This is becoming a bigger problem by the day but we all know that things can change at moments notice and the tables can change, change, change again… I just hope they do, and soon.


Motif No.3: Is it important as a model to have a certain style? 

Zac: The beautiful thing about fashion is that you can wear and piece anything together and it becomes your personal style. Fashion trends come and go but a style can’t just be copied to the masses. You have that style because you have the eye for it and it’s what you enjoy wearing. So, I think its super important to have different styles, otherwise we might as well just wear a jumpsuit or all wear the same thing with a the name tag 779AC. We would all be just another number, another face. No creativity, no uniqueness.  PLEASE BE BRAVE AND TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Motif No.3: With personal style and vision being important attributes to modeling,
how important is skill in the modeling industry?

Zac: There are many jobs or skill sets people really want to have, but once they try their “Dream job” they often run as far away from it as they can. Often because they jump into something they have no experience in and don’t fully understand what’s involved with that job. For example: a model, is seen as the face of the brand. Then that person then becomes famous, and thus paid heaps just to wear clothes…right? Well, most of what I said is true, but, its not easy and the amount of work you need to put in to get there is huge. Nothing just comes to you in the industry. If you have the skill set go for it, no one is trying to stop you, but you have to work for it. 


Motif No.3: With that insight in mind what is your recommendation to aspiring models?

Zac: Take your time, read online articles and try to surround yourself with aged experience in the industry to give you honest feed back. Work hard, keep your finger on the pulse of the beast. Take mental breaks.

Motif No.3: Do you think it is better to be repped by and agent/agency or freelance? 

Zac: Hands down Agent, if you are starting you have no clue what it takes to find a job and you won’t have the network to back you for jobs. You could go freelance if you know a hand full of photographers, people that scout for shoots and maybe a few friends working for a couple big fashion houses but I wouldn't recommend doing it alone. These agencies have had decades to create these friendships and relationships with people. I would say just be careful with who you sign too, always research them.


Motif No.3: Its been such a pleasure learning about you and the industry. In closing who are three people who inspire you and what have you learned from them?

Zac: I've never really looked up to anyone in the industry, accept for one person: Luca Fersko, he was a kid from NYC that outwardly expressed his passion for his person style. This opened my eyes to the fact that there is more to the industry then its face value. There is so much depth and room for personality. I learned that it's OKAY to be different and experiment. That is one kid that I have had respect for. 


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Photo: Joel Bear
Styling Zac Macfarlane
Production: Maggie Bear


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