Tiffany Lupien | Los Angeles Actor and Model


Editors Notes: We first met Tiffany Lupien on our shoot with Crea Magazine. She was one of the incredible models in our editorial. Her passion and joy developed a quick friendship and admiration for her work. Check out the magazine feature here:








Motif No.3: Tell us a bit about who you are and where you are from. 

Tiffany: My name is Tiffany Lupien. I am 23 years old and I am a 3rd generation Hatian born in Southern California. I am an actress and model with a persona and energy as big as my hair.

Motif: What has your journey looked like so far? 

Tiffany: The journey for me pursuing my acting and modeling career has been beautiful. With that said I'mot gonna lie, it's been very difficult at times and like all creatives I do tend to feel discouraged at times. It's often due to not booking an audition or things just being really slow and feeling stagnant, but at the end of the day I always remind myself that everything, wether it be good or bad, is all a part of my story and it's preparing me for that one thing I've been working my whole life for.



Motif: What is one of your biggest struggles in modeling that you've had to overcome? 

Tiffany: One of the biggest struggles in my modeling career would be looking for acceptance, and I mean acceptance from agencies. I have been to numerous modeling agencies in California only to be told by each one that I have a unique or different look, and find out it's because they already hired their token black girl for the agency. That in itself has been something that was hard and still is hard to overcome but I won't stop until girls of all ages are shown in media, billboards, magazines, etc.. that look like me.


Motif: What brand have you worked with that made a big impact on you? 

Tiffany: A brand that I've worked with that had the biggest impact on me was working with Velascarves. Velascarves is a brand about unity in diversity. What stood out to me was how at the end of the day we are all one people. Yes, we all have very different experiences in life, some more difficult than others, but we can unite once we've recognized each others differences and come to the conclusion that everyone is connected. It's such a beautiful thing.




Motif: What does being a "creative" mean to you? 

Tiffany: For me, being a creative means being authentic to myself and letting that show through whatever form of art I may express that in. 


Motif: What do you see changing within your industry? 

Tiffany: What I see changing in the industry is more representation of black people. Positive representation from movies to television shows, to modeling and it's something thats been long over due and its incredibly important to me.




Motif: Where is your favorite brunch spot and what is your favorite thing to get there?

Tiffany: My favorite brunch spot is 'Catcher of the Rye" in North Hollywood. I love to get the Mr. Finnley which is salmon on top of garlic bread with veggies and some type of red sauce that I can't recall the name, but is absolutely delicious!


Motif: Who are three people who have been inspiring you and what have you learned from them? 

Tiffany: Three people who have been inspiring to me is: Ebonee Davis, Neelam Hakim and Tatianna Tarot. What I've learned from these three beautiful, powerful women is to: live, speak and walk in my truth, because that's where my true power stems from and to embrace this everyday journey of evolving myself.



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