WEEKEND INSPIRATION| Salomon Ligthelm, Ryo Kashiwazaki, NÉONS REVISITÉS and more


It's the end of the second week of August and everyone in retail is gearing up for winter, school is about to start and fall is right around the corner, Our inspirations this week come from all over the globe, from a story on revisiting neon, to Ryo Kashiwazaki's vision of Adidas Originals’s iconic shoe to Salomon Ligthelms griping film Mr Martyr, which was filmed on film in Paris.  With that said, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and peruse.


Salomon Ligthelms griping film Mr Martyr in Paris: Link

Ryo Kashiwazaki's new look for Adidas: Link

Reviting Neon: Link

Pure Design Bliss: Link

An Architects Dream: Link


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