THREE ANSWERS | Serj and Jazz Kalfayan

Three Answers with Serj and Jazz Kalfayan

We had the pleasure of working and photographing the creative and inspiring couple Serj and Jazz Kalfayan Based out of Los Angles, Serj is an aspiring realtor and entrepreneur and Jazz is a photographer and model. We've been impacted by their passion for the creative city of Los Angeles. It seems that we can't go to a coffee shop, ramen joint or museum without either of them knowing someone there and them being treated like family. With this all in mind we wanted to take a moment and ask them about the city they love and passions. 


Question One: Where in Los Angeles inspires you?

Serj: This is a tough one, since I love so many things about this city. Without fail though, whenever I see downtown LA, the skyline, the diversity, the community, the food, and more, I’m immediately inspired. It reminds me that I’m a fish in a very large pond and I can continue to grow as “large” as I want since there is so much room. 

Jazz:  Anywhere where I have a view of L.A. When I see the skyline from a far it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.

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Question Two: What is the ultimate day in LA for you?

Serj: Hanging with my wife and friends and hitting up as many amazing food spots with people I love and that love the food, new experiences, and good conversation as much as I do. 

Jazz: L.A. Has some of the best food you will ever have. If I could go a full day and enjoy all the best hole in the wall places L.A. Has to offer without getting full that would be perfection. L.A.s food scene brings this big crazy city together and I get so stoked off of that.

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Question Three: How do you stay creative?

Serj: Creativity to me is being humble and disciplined enough to know how to think “inside of the box” so that you can effectively learn to think “outside of the box.” I think what has spurred me on to continue being creative is the realization that on a daily basis we deal with problems. Whatever the issue may be - logistical, humanitarian, social, economic, etc - being exposed to it reminds me that there can be something created to meet a need or a desire effectively.

Jazz: When I think of what creativity is it always brings me back to the quote by Dorothy Parker, "Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye." There is so much truth to that quote. Yes, creativity involves innovative and imaginative ideas, but it there must be execution. Thinking and then producing. With that thought I take the time to keep exploring and discovering the things that interest & inspire me, but I also always want to bring myself back to the birthplace of my creativity. One of things being photography. For me photography was a major outlet. It was all about perspective. I could create images the way that I saw them. I could imagine and then produce.

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