MN3 (Motif No.3 ) – Glorifying God by reimagining fashion and art for the creative culture.

We are a contemporary design company that is making artistically inspired products and innovative experiences for creative men and woman. We are family built, designed and made in Los Angeles, California. We at MN3 are actively creating bags and accessories that are not only statement pieces but also conversation starters. Our passion for being Made in America is due to our belief in honest practices that both honor our Lord Jesus Christ and value humanity. Sourcing materials locally and internationally.

Why we are Limited
As designers, we strive to be exceptional in design, innovation and manufacturing. We create our products in limited quantities because we have a passion for continuously pushing design boundaries forward with new iterations.

Motif [moh-teef] - noun

1.       A recurring subject, theme, idea, etc., especially in a literary, artistic, or musical work.

2.       A distinctive and recurring form, shape, figure, etc., in a design, as in a painting or on wallpaper.

3.       A dominant idea or feature.

No.3 - Three Pillars: Inspiring Creative Culture.